28 Kasım 2010 Pazar

Blog links

Friends , have a look at your friends' blog !!! There are fantastic posts. Check out the Voki and Wordle your friends have created !!! They're wonderful

http://wwwgulcin.blogspot.com/    Gülçin Kıvançlı
http://ozgekutlu.blogspot.com/     Özge Kutlu
http://fullofgarbage.blogspot.com/   Fatma Zehra Yıldırım
http://pinarsfield.blogspot.com/  Pınar Işıktekiner
http://ummhnshngz.blogspot.com Ümmühan Şahingöz



This is 4th year English Language Students' class blog. It is designed for the course ' Material Design and Development for English Language Teaching'. In this course the students are dealing with technology and the vast opportunities that the internet offers to them.The blog is the place where the students taking this course meet and share their  information and experience with the class members and the world.